Villas for sale in Calpe

Villa for sale in Calpe, Cometa

Villa for sale in Calpe, in the Cometa urbanization, situated in a very quiet residential area, 2,8 Km from Levante La Fosa Beach (Calpe) and 2,8 Km from La Fustera Beach (Ben...
Cometa III, Calpe
200 m2
1.050 m2
Ref. VCA0646
550.000 €

Villa for sale in Calpe, Garduix

Villa for sale in Calpe, in urbanization Garduix. This Mediterranean style as well as contemporary style villa is situated in a quiet residential area, just 1,1 Km from the to...
Garduix, Calpe
260 m2
800 m2
Ref. VCA0282
580.000 €

Villa for sale in Calpe, Garduix

Villa for sale in Calpe, in urbanization Garduix, located in an exclusive very quiet residential area, (dead end street), 700 meters from the town centre and 900 meters from t...
Garduix, Calpe
425 m2
802 m2
Ref. VCA0482
599.000 €

Villa for sale in Calpe, La Caleta

Project of villa for sale in Calpe, in La Caleta urbanization, situated just 270 meters from the sea (Calalga Beach, Ecological Path in Benissa Costa, Promenade of La Fosa Lev...
La Caleta, Calpe
550 m2
1.300 m2
Ref. VCA0568
630.000 €

Villa for sale in Calpe, Carrio Park

Villa for sale in Calpe, in the Carrio Park urbanization, situated in a quiet residential area, just 500 meters (6 minutes walking) from services (restaurants, shops, bus stop...
Carrió Park, Calpe
305 m2
1.680 m2
Ref. VCA0648
645.000 €

Villa for sale in Calpe, Oltamar

Villa for sale in Calpe, in urbanization Oltamar. This villa enjoys spectacular panoramic views to the sea and to the Peñón de Ifach. It is located on a plot of 1.200 m2 and h...
Oltamar, Calpe
275 m2
1.200 m2
Ref. VCA0209
649.000 €

Villa for sale in Calpe, Cometa

Rustic villa for sale in Calpe, in La Vallesa urbanization, situated in a quiet residential area, just 250 meters from La Vallesa Park and the urban bus stop, 2 Km from the wo...
Cometa II, Calpe
310 m2
1.500 m2
Ref. VCA0523
649.000 €

Villa for sale in Calpe, La Vallesa

Villa for sale in Calpe in urbanization La Vallesa, situated very close to all amenities (restaurants, supermarkets, shops), and just 1 Km from the Playa Levante La Fosa (Calp...
La Vallesa, Calpe
350 m2
930 m2
Ref. VCA0202
649.900 €

Double Villa for sale in Calpe, Carrio

Set of 2 villas for sale on a large plot in Calpe, in the Carrió Alto urbanization, situated in a consolidated residential area, just 1,5 Km from the sea (Les Bassetes Sports ...
Carrió Alto, Calpe
320 m2
1.850 m2
Ref. VCA0661
650.000 €

The villas for sale in Calpe market is changing, but rather could even say it's mutating, it is a reality that can not be denied under any circumstances. And not only by the bursting of the housing bubble that occurred in half the planet but because with it, we have proceeded to look for a very specific type of investor. An investor who likes the exclusive and that it spares no expense. An investor does not even have to be the country itself but may be another.

What can Calpe offer you?

But once we talked about the substantial change that is occurring, we have to start talking to Calpe. A population that has much to offer to the investor or potential investor, who is looking for villas for sale in calpe to either spend a few days of vacation or a place to locate one of his residences.

That is why so Calpe is perfect. First because it offers a unique environment within the Costa Blanca. And, not surprisingly, perfectly you know how to mix everything good and beautiful that can have a well-kept beaches and everything that can have a spectacular mountainous landscape. In fact while sunbathing in one of the coves can be spotting the always impressive Ifach background. An enclave in which not only worth losing for a few days but which also worth living.

The offer of villas for sale in Calpe

But what offer the villas for sale in Calpe? The truth is that while it is true that most properties sold in this population are the apartments, it is equally true that with each passing day these villas are more in demand. Some villas have everything you can ask to make a full life there.

First without property or part of very selected developments and therefore they are anchored in places where quiet is the dominant note or can also be, that are remote from other properties in the area for we will be able to disconnect without any kind of problem and routine chores of daily life.

That said, the interior of the villas for sale in Calpe have everything we need. From full bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen and a fully furnished living room. In other words, all that we can ask to enter and start enjoying our tight there. However, it is noteworthy that the strong point of the villas for sale in Calpe is abroad.

And, that is where we find an area that can be a playground for younger members of the house at the same time which can be recreation and relaxation for the elderly. In fact, there are few villas that are being sold in recent months that incorporate either a totally private pool or a kind of artificial creek. So is. They offer a new way to enjoy a relaxing bath which brings us to the most exclusive beaches if you need to leave our home.
A different way to focus not only tourism but the concept of second homes. And all this, in the event that the villa belongs to a development or if it is secluded, with both ideals Coast area as the most central area of ??the town entrances. An investment that only has advantages both enjoy it if we decide ourselves as if we want to make it profitable by renting it to third parties or conducting a future sale in a few years.

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